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Archive for August 2022

What is a Product Roadmap?

Whether they’re launching a new app, clothing line, or technology, product managers use a product roadmap to keep their teams working toward a common goal. These product roadmaps are visual tools, usually built inside software, that detail the vision and planning of the product. Product roadmaps serve a number of functions: Keep stakeholders aware of…

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The Ultimate Guide to Product Management

Product management is responsible for ensuring a product’s success using research, careful planning, and multidisciplinary collaboration. Product managers work with sales, marketing, development, and executive teams to plan, oversee, and actualize new products. The job title has increased in popularity in recent years and many larger companies have multiple product managers that focus on specific…

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Top Project Management Tools for 2022

Project management software (PM Software) helps teams plan, coordinate, task, and carry out projects. There is project management software tailored to just about every industry that makes work and collaboration more efficient and saves everyone time.  It’s important to choose a PM software with features that will best suit your business. For example, small businesses…

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