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April Update


  • Active users have been trending up since January 26th



  • I've also been sure to adjust the SEO titles, tags and descriptions for each page that I've worked on on the site or anything that you all have requested edits on. Many of these still contain duplicate keywords and/or auto-generated SEO tags/descriptions which are not ideal for conversions and readability.


  • Facebook pixel installed on the site - this will allow for retargeting when it comes to facebook ads. This can be very helpful as the majority of folks need to see you many times in order to actually consider converting.


  • Thank You Page - This allows for "goals" to be accomplished inside of analytics so that we can see when people do in fact fill out forms where the "conversions" were generated from. Organic, facebook, google ads, etc.


  • Analytics and Search Console Monitoring, working great and well set up at this time. I will address some of that data in the current opportunities section below.


  • Current leads are being piped into ActiveCampaign automatically and added to their own list.

Analytics Excerpts

Users Are Trending Back Up Without PPC

users last 180 days

Bounce Rates are Trending Down Versus 6 Months Ago

bounce rates last 180

This is great news as it means the goal of showing folks more relevant information is working


  • The data indicates that targetted landers and SEO/content are definitely improving things without additional paid ads, however, to get back to the traffic levels of six months ago and testing the new page content/forms/layouts/etc. It likely would make sense to test $500-$1000 in google ads if you are willing to explore this option.


  • With or without paid ads, we will want to keep producing content, this leads to google crawling the site more often, more and more relevant pages for certain search criteria and in the long run should lead to more conversion at lower rates as we rank for relevancy and new keywords by expanding on the content.
    • I believe we should keep digging in on both residential and commercial side with additional products page where we expand on the products, features, benefits, etc. currently we have the /security-cameras page but we will keep becoming more and more relevant if we keep producing similar pages for smart thermostats, water sensors, glass break detectors, etc. this will also reduce bounce rates as folks will be able to dig deeper into the "learn more" items and become stickier to the site.


  • Start running facebook retargetting ads for people who visit the site. We can exclude current customers if you can provide an email list and we can also exclude anyone who fills out a lead form when they fill out automatically via ActiveCampaign and Facebook audience integrations. FB retargeting is some of the cheapest available paid advertising as well as quite good at converting over time.


  • Sadly, the search console data doesn't start until after we started working together. This data is invaluable when it comes to understanding your organic search traffic and determining what they are searching for to find you. What I have learned by having this up and running is that a TON of your organic traffic merely comes from the /fire-safety-dos-donts/ blog post. This is a very popular search term and you rank incredibly well for it. This traffic is nice to show google that we're a relevant website but is not good for conversions since these people can be anywhere in the world researching fire safety. Hopefully, with continued effort we can start getting some more organic search traffic for more relevant terms for the business such as home security Richmond, home security Indianapolis, etc.


  • Need to get the Google My Business confirmation codes for the Richmond office and the one I sent to the NC office as well.

I'm happy to meet with you to discuss anything listed above and/or anything else you'd like to review.